Ziji Business Resource serves Victoria and BC by giving business owners, and those who wish to be, tools that can help them achieve their goals. It’s not just the tools, it’s the knowledge of how to employ them; understanding of how those tools can best serve you, not just in your business but in your life.

Serving as a Business Broker, Intermediary, Coach and Valuator since 2005, Mike Lenz has put together the resources at Ziji. A life long entrepreneur, Mike’s largest effort is a commercial printing operation he built to a $5,000,000 sales per year operation with 25 employees before selling the business and moving to BC. Mike was educated in business by doing it. Mike was educated in business sales by doing it and achieving certification through the International Business Brokers Association and then doing it more.

Mike is utilizing his well earned expertise in negotiations, business analysis, sales, marketing, lean manufacturing, brokerage, valuation, equipment appraisal, cost benefit analysis, value driver analysis, business exit strategy, time management, shoe tying and cat herding everyday in the service of his clients.

A word about a word, “Ziji” A Tibetan word meaning “confidence” or “brilliance”. Ziji is really the art of being or inhabiting those notions. It is our philosophy at Ziji that confidence and brilliance is gained through good work. Good work that serves people first. Experience has taught that “When people come first, prosperity follows.” When people live in a state prosperity – financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually – it is simply brilliant. .